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Where’s my bin lifter gone?

02 October 2013

When Wastecycle suffered some unfortunate accident damage to one of its bin lifters, we stepped in to offer a solution to the problem.

It was apparent that the whole frame of the Geesink RL200 bin lifter was beyond repair and needed to be replaced. An added problem was, although it was a Geesink lifter, it had been modified to carry PM OnBoard weighing equipment too.

No problem to us!

We completely removed the PM OnBoard Weighing equipment including the load cells, cabling and switches. Then carefully cut out the mountings for the load cells from the old lifter.

Wheres my bin lifter gone?Wheres my bin lifter gone?Wheres my bin lifter gone?

The next step was to fabricate a new frame, and a new cross-bar shaft with phosphor bronze bearings, for it to rotate upon.

For the bearings and shaft turning we called on the expert skills of precision engineer Phil Knight of Phil Knight Engineering Ltd. He turned down the new shaft and fabricated 4 new phosphor bronze bearings to the exact sizes we asked him for. Thanks Phil.

Once the frame was complete, we could assemble it on the back of the vehicle.

Now the frame was fitted, with new rollers for the clamping mechanism, it was time to get it painted. I think Rob Yates of Yates Engineering Ltd managed to get a good match, have a look at the photo’s?

Finally we refitted the weighing equipment, and testament to the brilliant fabrication skills of Yates Engineering Ltd, everything fitted exactly.

After a few tweaks and adjustments, we delivered the vehicle back to Wastecycle Ltd, with the vehicle being off the road for only four days.

Where’s my bin lifter gone?Where’s my bin lifter gone?Where’s my bin lifter gone?

Steve Duly, Transport Manager at Wastecycle was very pleased with the turnaround time and the quality of the work carried out.

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